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Home Home again *w/pics

babies are home! all were discharged on sunday. Zach was at his 14 days off caffeine and had no incidents at all. weren't expecting any since it was a rapid breathing issue, not a no-breathing issue. they are all over 5 lbs now. I can say man alive those nurses do so much little stuff that is dearly missed once out of the hospital. We are still in anchorage. my mom comes in tomorrow evening then we start packing up vehicles for the loooong drive Saturday. home, i'm finally going home!! funny thing, there is still a lot i never got to do in anchorage. seems crazy since i was here for almost 5 months, but with such limited activity - tis true. on a good note, my mom is going to stay a few weeks, maybe up to four. it will be good for her to be around the babies and also to get out of the house, she's a little lost without dad I think.

i am so happy for everyone who has had their little ones and can't wait for those who are still hanging in there. I do hop on and lurk essentially - I catch up on the reading but posting on my phone is a pain on top of being crazy busy. once we get home i hope to hop on quite a bit more and become active again. i truly appreciate all the support you girlies have given me all through my pregnancy, the loss of my dad, and everything. you listened to vents and relished in my happiness as well. it means a lot to me and i want to get back on here and support all of you too.

so, every time i post i say pics will come soon. i have a ton of hospital pics, but now i need some not in hospital pics. i truly do promise to get some up soon. *last note, as an english teacher i truly apologize for the no caps, but i've got the computer perched on the arm of the chair with a sleeping fuss-budget on my chest as i reach around her to type. this is kinda like at the end of the pg when i couldn't reach the keyboard then either. lol


Ok, these are old, but first is Addie chillin in her warm isolette - this is when I was still in the hospital I believe, maybe within a week of birth at most
Photobucket" alt="" />

next is Kate peeking at you - sleep faker. This was just last week.
Photobucket" alt="" />

here is Zach in his milk coma, poor guys hats just never fit
Photobucket" alt="" />

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I can't imagine how nice it will be for you to be in your home again! Especially with those cute babies! Hope it's a smooth transition for you!

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They are beautiful!
I'm so glad you will finally be home and have some help from your mom for a while too. I'm sure you need it! I can't imagine 3 newborns lol.

Congrats again on the babies and being home. Please pop on when you can. Its great to hear from you! I hope all goes well heading home.

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I'm so glad you are all getting to go home!! How exciting, anxious, nervous, scarry everything all at the same time!

Can't wait to hear how your trip home went and how they are all doing and to see more pictures. You did such an awesome job carrying those little ones!

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Congrats on getting to go home! And with all three at once, that's just awesome. I'm glad they're doing so well. They're absolutely adorable.

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SOOO glad your family is at HOME now! I can't imagine the journey you've been on, but you've seem to handle it with grace! :):):) I love love love the pictures!

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They are seriously too precious! Smile

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Steph I am so glad you all are together again! They are beautiful and I hope you have a safe trip!

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How wonderful that they are all sprung!! I know it must be awesome, yet overwhelming for you all at the same time Smile I hope you have a safe trip home and yay for your mom helping!

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Yay for everyone being home! And those babes are just precious!

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Congrats on being Home
Cute babies

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They are beautiful! Congrats on being home!

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How wonderful you and babies are well and home. they are so precious. Biggrin

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Awwww! They are adorable! I'm so glad you guys are all home!