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Hospital bag


Now that many of you have BTDT (even the 1st timers)...what did you take that you are glad you brought, take that you did not need, did not take that you wish you had? I need help!

I do not want to take a bunch of stuff that there is no need for or forget stuff and have to send DH on a 2 hour trip to get something I need. He is really harping on me to finish the bag packing and I have no idea what is needed and not. We will be in the hospital for at least 24 hours.


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Nursing tanks are the thing I was glad I brought. I only brought one so I had dh bring me another when he went back to the house. I had brought a few nursing bras and shirts but it was just so much easier to wear a tank instead.

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When I had DS I wish I had brought my own pillow...I was so uncomfortable in my bed and I was there 2 nights. Other than that......I agree with PP on the nursing tanks....makes it easier especially if you have guests. That way you aren't fumbling with your clothes in front of guests. Um, also underwear you don't mind getting stained. I hated the mesh underwear they give you and just wanted to wear my own. And comfy clothes!!! HTH!!

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In my bag I have: (Ill be there for 2 nights/3 days for repeat c-sec)
2 change of clothes for me (things for DH to sleep in...he will take care of his clothes)
Coming home clothes for baby and swaddle wrap
Toiletries for me and DH
2 nursing tanks
Lillypadz nursing pads
Pillow with non-white case so its not confused w/ hospital pillow
laptop w/ movies
undies I don't care about messing up
change for vending machines
gifts for DD from DD#2
belly binder from last time in case they dont give one at this hospital
Boppy pillow

I think that's it... believe it or not, with the exception of the pillows and laptop, everything fits in one LLBean handle bag Smile

We brought SO MUCH STUFF last time that we didnt need...mostly clothes as I thought I would be wearing them, but def. not with all the bleeding and tummy checks they do on you (pushing, checking incision etc...) Also, I brought a ton of clothes for baby and honestly you don't use those either.

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I took my own pillow, clothes to go home in, baby's outfit, and toiletries... one small bag!

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We were in the hospital for a bit longer than expected due to issues with Max. I completely forgot my own pillow but I wsih to high heaven I had brought my own. I had several pillows from the hospital but they suck a big one.

I would say my slippers and comfortable clothes. I also brought my make-up thinking I'd put some on but I didn't put a scratch of make-up on. Also, I brought my favorite soap (Philosophy) and it really made me feel better. I was in the hospital 3 nights and 4 nights and I felt somewhat human after a shower in my own soap.

Oh and I totally 2nd the nursing bra's/shirts. They're great!!

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I also was glad for my own pillow!!! I didnt have a nursing pillow when I was in the hospital, and it would have been nice to have one (Bought it once we got home) as the hospital ones are flat and I had 3 stacked up and it still made my back sore!

I also second slippers or socks for walking around and keeping warm (my hospital was really cool). I took some clothes and didnt wear any except a tank/shirt that was easy to pull down to nurse, and I didnt wear pants. If I had guests I covered up with a blanket lol. Also thankful for BIG comfy loose panties - bring ones you dont mind staining or buy some cheap cotton ones at walmart or somewhere.

Also agree with veronicas soap comment - I brought my own soap and shampoo and felt a WORLD better after my shower.