Hot flashes....

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Hot flashes....

Anyone else having them lately? I always get them at the beginning of pregnancy, but the past few days it's like I can't get cool enough. I know the hot weather doesn't help things.
Today I jumped in my bathtub filled with cool water with the air conditioner blowing full blast to cool down. Smile

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Count me in! Right there with you. Mine are worse at night.

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I have been getting them lately too...didnt have them in the beginning really...But youre right...this hot weather does not help at all!!

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I'm having 'em!

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I have been that way for a couple of months now. It is terrible at night. I have my house set at 70F (usually at 74 during the summer) and I still sleep without blankets. I am freezing everyone else out.

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I feel like my feet are on fire at night. My MIL was telling her BF who is visiting that the fan doesn't oscillate, I said Yes, it does - but I leave it blowing on my feet because they get so hot. lol

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No fun! I get them randomly, I have to sit down and wipe sweat off, icky!

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yep me too!

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I have problems only at night. I wake up drenched in sweat! I remember it happening with DD1 and it continued for about 2 months after she was born. I'm so glad it's still in the 50s at night here.

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"nmc" wrote:

and it continued for about 2 months after she was born. .

Yuck! This doesnt give me hope that it's almost over... lol!
It went away after DS (well sort of). My body temp seemed to go up after having DS, as I used to be cold a lot and now I'm always warm. I have the hot flashes this time... and wonder what will happen after baby comes.

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I get them at night...I also sleep with my air at 70 and only in a tank top/underware with no blankets and I still wake up to pee sweating!

I also seem to overheat quickly when I'm cleaning or doing a lot....then it takes forever to cool off!

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I completely forgot about the hot flashes/night sweats after baby is born. I had them real bad with DS.

We keep it pretty cool in our house, around 68 (DH sweats a lot at night and so does DS) and I usually sleep with plenty of covers on but I'm finding myself kicking everything off at night. I'm usually cold during the day at work but they keep it pretty cold in there.