how is BF going?

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how is BF going?

so how are you ladies doing with BF?

I was also wondering since the thread about teeth came up, how do/ does one deal with teeth and biting or what not while nursing?

AFM- Lilly was nursing great, up until about a week ago, she does great at bed time, but last week she nursed a ton in two days, so i figured growth spurt, then my left side got super sore. she has also been caressing, grabbing and even smacking my breast at times. it is becoming more difficult to get a good nursing in during the afternoon and early evening since she doesn't take naps well and gets extremely fussy, then angry cries a lot which causes her to swallow lots of air, in turn makes her gassy and it is soo hard to calm her down. I hope things get better again soon.

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It's going very well over here. Not too much to say about it Lol He nurses often during the day and is definitely getting more grabby, thankfully it's mainly my clothes he's grabbing at. I do have some nursing necklaces, gotta start wearing those more often.
My kids are late teethers and when they start biting I unlatch them, they usually aren't actually hungry if they are distracted and biting at the breast.

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We are doing pretty good, when we BF that is. i only have time to nurse in the middle of hte night and on the weekends, i pump alot to make up for it though. i just cant get my supply to increase...i get about 3 1/2 oz every time i pump. She has been waking up at 2:30am the last 2nights, quite the change from STTN! i nurse her and she goes back to sleep.

She has 2 teeth coming in and i was wondering the same as you with nursing. i dont want to stop nursing, but i dont want her to bite my nipple off either LOL

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Its going good for us other than we are still using the nipple shield. She usually nurses 7 times a day. Some of them are long sessions which is hard for DD1. If I get about 3 sessions in the evening then we are good for the night but if she goes to sleep early then she wakes at 2-3am.

I've stopped pumping because I hate it and have a lot in the freezer. I still give 1 bottle a day. She inhales the bottle and gets mad at us when we make her stop to burp. She still spits up lots of the bottle because she drinks it too fast.