Hurricane Irene

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Hurricane Irene

Hi girls, sorry I haven't been around much...craziness has hit the east coast! Along with having a baby, we have had Delaware's first earthquake (10 min. into the recovery room!) and then Hurricane Irene has started today and is expected through tonight! My little girl has come the worst week, but I'm happy to have her out Smile

I will post a birthstory and more pics later today if I can!

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Hope you stay safe through the storm and everyone else that is in its path. KUP if you can.

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Holy cow, what a week to be born!
Stay safe!!!!!!! KUP when you can.

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Hey! I was gonna text you yesterday and see how the weather was there...its raining and super windy here, but we still have power - so far - and our pump is doing a decent job of keeping the water out of our garage Smile I hope the worst has passed for you!

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It was pretty scary here last night. The wind and rain were pretty intense. What was the worst of it was all the tornados that came from it. Several were around destroying developments and taking power lines out. One actually hit two miles from our house. We had power go out a few times but it always came back on luckily. The eye came from 11-3am roughly but I slept thru most of it being so exhausted. Today its still very windy but the rain is stopped now and the sun is actually peaking here n there. We lost a tree in our front yard but it fell towards the road and not the house thank goodness. Other than general debris of trash, sticks, limbs and leaves everything is ok here Smile

When is it getting to you Jamie? I think its down graded to a tropical storm now so hopefully it won't be bad.

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Wow, what a week!

Glad everyone in your family is OK.