I just thought of something...

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I just thought of something...

... this time next month, I probably will not be pregnant! Now if I go two weeks over, I'm going to be pissed, lol, but I doubt I go THAT far over! Smile

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wow....surprising when you think of it that way.
giving me goosebumps!

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Crazy! It's hard to believe how close we're coming.

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I would be completely surprised if you went that far over! You really are in the "any day" category right now. Very exciting! I've always like the last four weeks the best because even if I go overdue, baby will still be here very soon and I like the surprise of not knowing when the LO will come.

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I know!!! Its crazy how fast it snuck up on me this time. I can't believe its already the 15th and we've been in our house for 2 weeks... its been SO BUSY that time sort of blurs together lately.

Like you, I doubt I'll go 2 weeks over - more importantly I doubt my doc will let me. lol. She said the other day she gets back from vacation the 8th, and is oncall at the hospital the 11th, and If I havent had him by then she will likely be seeing me the 11th... lol!

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I would LOVE it if I had a baby this time next month! But seeing as DD was a 41 weeker, I think Sept will be more realistic, lol.