I think my poor baby girl has reflux :(

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I think my poor baby girl has reflux :(

So, our first had reflux which took us about 3 months to finally figure out. As soon as we got him some medicine, he was a completely different baby! Slept well, ate well, wasn't so fussy all the time. I was hoping Mikayla wouldn't end up having it too, but it looks like she might Sad She has started sleeping terribly, like an hour at a time and not soundly...she WAS sleeping about 3 hrs at a time. She isn't able to lay down to sleep without being uncomfortable. We had her sleep in her swing last nite since she grunted and moaned the night before when she was in her cradle. She looks like she is in pain when she eats, her breath smells like vomit, and the worst part is that she will sometimes gag/choke when eating which is terrible! I'm making an appt tomorrow at the ped for her, so hopefully she will get some relief soon...she seems to be so uncomfortable all the time...

Does this sound like reflux to you ladies??

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Aww the poor little thing! Yea hun that def sounds like reflux to me. It's so horrible but at least she'll have less discomfort once she has some meds xx

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I have no idea if it sounds like refulx but I hope she feels better soon. Good luck tomorrow.

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I don't have experience with reflux. I hope you figure it out quick and she feels better soon. It's so hard to see them in pain.

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Sounds like reflux for sure to me....very similar to my DD when she had it. I hope the pedi can help her out!

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What did the pedi say? Hope she's better!