If it wasnt for...

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If it wasnt for...

the fact that i do not want kendra born while im n prison, i would have seriously hurt a b*tch at walmart today!

i left from work today sick, and DH took advantage and asked me to run in and pick up a prescription. ok no biggie, so i went in dropped off his and walked around picking up a few groceries for dinner. I am JUST about done, and this woman calls me out form about 15 ft away looks at me and starts chuckling. i look at her and she says "sorry, you just look so cute". um, ok, so i go to continue on and she asks me if im carrying twins. im getting used to getting asked this so i just told her no. THEn she asked me if its triplets and WAS very serious whene she asked. i was shocked but politely responded nope, just one. "are you sure" was her resonse. "i told her i had 3 u/s that all said there is one. she TEHN said, Well that is one big boy you are carrying in there! i again, ever so politely, though i was VERy upset at this point, told her its a girl. she looked at me and said that either the dr screwed up or that is a 10 lb baby girl and walked away laughing. now she was loud so everyone was standing around looking. i just walked off fighting tears. i dont like spectacles, scenes or drama to begin with so i was a mix of angry, embarressed and hurt. Brianna told me that she was surpised i didnt punch her, she was THAT ignorant. didnt help that i was sick, like i said, having alot of pretty good BH's and alot of pelvic pain from walking. im gonna rest for a bit, have me a good cry and the make dinner!

YAY friday!

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oh no she didn't!!! I personally think when ppl act like that they need to be told it's not appropriate to act like that and say those things...golden rule, if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it b!tch! Smile Some people are just so ignorant to social cues they have no idea and need to be schooled a bit!

I will tell you I totally had this same thought the other day about jail/prison but it was in regards to the doc who is covering for my doc while he is on vaca Smile I wanted to explain, nicely of course :), that at this point she is half my height and weight and I could take her a$$ out pretty easily I'm sure Smile

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I hate people (generally speaking). I am sorry you had to deal with that but just count yourself lucky that you are not that big a jerk and you are having a wonderful, perfectly sized, baby girl and her life must suck to think that is an acceptable way to behave.

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Why do people think they have the right to say things like that to people...
Omg wow you took that well KUDDOS to you for not Going to jail today.
But I'm sorry that happen to you.

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omgoodness! Some poeple. Seriously. I am so sorry. What an idiot.

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I think you could have punched her out, pleaded HER stupidity and gotten out of prison before baby was born. LOL

HOLY COW thats ridiculous, some people. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that!

Slight tangent - what is it with Walmart people, thats where the weirdest things always seem to happen.

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Oooohhh girl, someone needed a swift kick in the vagina. What a *****!

Hugs to you. I'm tired of the are you having twins, but that woman takes the cake.

I'm glad you keep your composure. I wouldnt have. The Yankee in me would have been thinking violence andnthe southern in me would have gotten real loud and yelled

She's jealous because you look so beautiful :).

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"Cassandra83" wrote:

Why do people think they have the right to say things like that to people...
Omg wow you took that well KUDDOS to you for not Going to jail today.
But I'm sorry that happen to you.

I second that.

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i honestly think that if my 14 year old hadnt have been there, i probably would have gone midevil up in Walmart. she learns from example, i dont want to teach her that its ok to just punch out the teeth of ignorant *ss people. LOL

and since i didnt go to jail today, i was able to make Jambalya, clean my room and DH even cleaned out a filing cabinet! YAY ME Biggrin

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Awwww sweetie - thats terrible! What a terrible thing to say! I can't believe she was so rude and hurtful! I know its probably hard, but try to not let her bother you. Definitely have yourself a nice relaxing night and forget all about her. She is absolutely not worth the trouble...how ignorant. Seriously...I don't think people should say anything about twins/triplets or anything relating to size to a pregnant woman - and they DEFINITELY shouldn't continue to ask absurd questions and go on and on with the questions!

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I really just don't get why people can't keep their thoughts to themselves! I applaud you for being polite to her at this point in the pregnancy. I had similar thoughts of hurting people when I was shopping at Walmart yesterday, but it wasn't due to ignorant comments. I hope you feel better and have that baby soon!

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Whaaaa??!! I had to scoop my jaw up off of the floor after I was done reading your post! I can't believe that some people are even allowed to speak! I would have gone off the deep end on that wench... you're definitely in control of herself!

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oh wow, i am just now reading this and I want to cry while punching her, since well it would make me feel better at this point.

No really thought i second what everyone else has said.

Being pregnant just makes me want to be that much more nice to all pregnant women, i see because while we all look and carry babies different, that is what makes each of us special.