I'm back! Update on me and appt update

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I'm back! Update on me and appt update

Hi gals! Sorry for being MIA for this week. Its been a crazy week.

So Wed I finished school, did all my report cards and got everything put together and done. Wed DH and some friends were packing the moving truck. When I got off work and home at 3 the truck was probably 3/4 of the way full! So we finished packing it up and then had a night to rest.

Thursday was my 35 week OB appt. A couple of new updates on me - I'm measuring 37.5 weeks (at that point I was 35 weeks and 2 days). So I'm starting to think hes growing. DS did about the same thing, but I measured ahead a lot earlier with him. i only gained 1 lb in 2 weeks, but my belly really grew AND he's lower. I have a u/s scheduled for July 12 to see how big he is. I'm on a waiting list for July 19 csec (I'll be 38 weeks) and I'm good with that. I may not get in on that day, but we are waiting to see. The hospital stuff is still driving me nuts, but I will be happy to have him here. And of course we'll see what the u/s reveals too.

Thurs we got our new house keys just before 1pm, so we started moving in around 1:30. We got everything unloaded and they did a SECOND load in the truck (not as full but still a relatively full truck) of stuff that we had in storage, plus backyard toys (bbq, kids play stuff, patio stuff etc) Thurs was a LONG day. I ate "dinner" (pizza) at 11pm.

Friday was a day of unpacking. Most of my kitchen is done, the bedrooms were done (beds and a new dresser assembled) the living room is done, and the dining room is getting close to being uncluttered. the nursery is not put together yet. DS has both a crib and his big boy car bed in his room (but we dont have the twin mattress yet lol).
July1 is Canada Day (similar to July 4 in the US) so last night was a lot of fireworks. We are up on a hill so I could see the big community fireworks display from the nursery! It was very nice. Smile LAst night was our first night here, and DS was hard to settle.. he eventually fell asleep in DHs lap in the recliner and then we put him down. He slept the whole night! phew. When we tried to put him down with his normal routine he would just scream and scream, even when I picked him up and held him in the dark he would scream until he coughed. So we had to bring him down with us. today he's a lot happier in his new room, he napped fine and went down fine tonight. I'm happy hes adjusting easily and quickly. I hope he sleeps again tonight all night!

Today was a CRAP day. I woke up feeling exhausted. I havent had an appetite today (most food tastes like cardboard or im not hungry) and I'm tired and sore. I didn't really do much "heavy" work the last few days (we had a TON of help from friends which we were grateful for) but even still its been a long few days. Today was a down day. Instead of doing a major grocery run to stock the cupboards and then cooking, we had dinner out. lol. I'll get groceries ... tomorrow? .... lol.
Oh, and when I told my mom I was feeling so crappy she told me If I go into labor tonight to call her.... Great...Thanks mom! LOL! I've had a few contractions here and there, but nothing major or consistent. I realllllly dont need to go into labor just yet!!!! lol

So anyway, theres my week in a nutshell. Thanks for reading!

I will get birth buddies done tomorrow and up by Monday!!!!

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Just reading this made me tierd ... Take it easy but it sounds like it's down hill from here though. Glad your in your new place!

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Same here, I'm tired just reading that. Do you want me to finish up the birth buddies for you?

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Wow girl! You've been extremely busy! I couldn't imagine moving being this pg. But it sounds like you had a lot of help!

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Totally hear ya on the moving part - we moved out of a studio into a 1 bedroom apt 3 weeks ago and for the first time in the pregnancy, I'm finally feeling settled! DH is nesting for the both of us lol and her space in the bedroom is coming along.

Kinda glad it all happened when it did, cos time is flying by!

Baby shower in two weeks too.

Can imagine how hectic it must have been!

Good luck and take it easy...wow on the measuring 37 weeks! I soooooo wanna be there now...

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Phew! Put your feet up awhile, you deserve it!

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Wow that is a lot of work. You definitely need to rest!

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Take it easy girl!!

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I surely understand as we moved a month ago and while not as far along as you it surely was some hard work and exhausting.