Im ready, hes not!

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Im ready, hes not!

So I think it's time to wean DS. I can feel my supply is starting to dry up and with having a hard time right now with this pregnancy I am just ready to get him off the boob. Since this is my first BF baby I have no clue how to go about this.. I dont pump at all and I really dont want to get engorged by just stopping. How did you ladies wean your babes? Did they have a hard time with it? DS really loves his boob and gets REALLY mad when I tell him no.

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With my kids I did it gradually. First, I cut down to only nursing them before nap and bed time. I just made sure that they had a sippy cup of cows milk available during the day if they got thirsty. If they needed extra snuggles, I would just prop the cup so that they were in the nursing position and let them drink that way. Then, once I knew that was going well, I cut out a nap time feeding (at 1 my kids were usually still taking 2 naps). I would snuggle them with their sippy instead of nursing. Then, once I knew that was going well I would cut out the other nap time nursing. Then, lastly, I would cut out the bed time feeding. If he is still up at night to nurse thats where DH comes in. Dont even make nursing an option. Have DH go in, give him kisses, and lay him back down. With DS1 this was the hardest part of weening since he was still wanting to come into our bed. It took a couple of nights, but eventually we all adjusted Smile

I found that doing it gradually was easier for my baby, as well as for my body. My body just adjusted to the lower demand. I got pregnant with DD when DS2 was 9 months. My supply dropped on its own just from the pregnancy, and the taste changed. DS2 had no problem weening at that point since he preferred the taste of the cows milk .

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Oh my goodness... I just typed a whole long response and it disappeared when I submitted it! grrr... I will come back when I get a min and retype!

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i pretty much did what the previous poster mentioned - gradually. Ii was pumping at work 3x a day for about 25 mins...i cut that down to 2x, 20 mins... and when i felt that was going good, then i skipped the morning nap nursing for about a week, then did the afternoon nap --all the while i was cutting down on pumping time at work....i started to just bring it with incase i needed it, but i never did and i didn't have to hand express either. Right now, i nurse before bed and when she wakes up in the middle of the night....i just started to cut out the morning bascially i don't nurse from like 630a-630p..... i never got engorged or anything and i have NO idea how much i milk i'm even making.....but O really loves to nurse at bedtime, she'll even go and get the I'm trying to cut out the over night feedings, by just letting her put herself back to sleep...somedays it works, somedays it doesn't. I hear the before bed one is hte hardest...good luck!!

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I'm almost done weaning. At first I limited to I would not nurse when I was out and then I expanded it to the full day (I would do morning, evening and night). DD2 is not a huge drinker but between sippy cups and solid food, I could make it work. I always offered food and sippy cup before giving in to nursing. During that time, I also tried to stop nursing to sleep at night. For the last 3 weeks, I've only nursed when she woke up at night because nothing else would settle her. In this time, I'd go 1-2 nights with no nursing and then the next night she'd want to nurse. I had my first 3 night stretch so I hope this is it.

She wouldn't drink pumped milk from a cup but she would drink cows milk. She really likes drinking out of a cup with no top on but it is really messy.