I'm surprised...

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I'm surprised...

that we don't have more August babies yet! I guess we're just doing such a good job of baking them, they don't want to come out Smile

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I was thinking the same thing yesterday...I expected a few more by now.

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I did, too! Smile

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I've been thinking that as well!

Watch, now that we've said something we'll have some babies today and/or tomorrow!

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I'm really shocked , as for me This is the longest i ever been pregnant

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I think next week will be a busy one for arrivals. The majority of them just wanted to be August babies and not July Smile

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Lisa, at least we know we'll have one LO;) Good luck on your c/s!
I am thinking this week will busy. I hope several of us have some good news in the next several days.

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Me Too!!

I would love a July 31 or Aug 1 baby...

Good job at baking them ladies!!!

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I agree I think this 1st week Of Aug will be busy Smile

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Good Luck ladies! I am sure many will be here this week.

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i guess we're all doing good jobs at being healthy and making our belly homes waytoo comfy for baby. Smile