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I know most of you know the sex or will be finding out soon. Did anyone do an intelligender and was it right? My friend did 2 with this pregnancy and both were right for her. I bought one to do in the am so I just really want to know how bad I just wasted my money.

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I did it with DD and it was wrong for me.

I did not do it with this preg.

I did do the blood test with DD and it was correct.

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I didnt do one Sad I was too scared to get my hopes up!

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I did one with this pregnancy, it said it was a boy.
I did the cabbage and it was a girl.

I will find out for sure on the 4th.

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i didn't but i did do the cabbage and the baking soda tests and both said girl and our's is definately a boy. Smile

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You make me feel better Becca, I did the cabbage test and it was a definite girl result and while another little girl would be fun I'm hoping for a brother for my son Wink

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I did it and it said Boy - I'll find out how accuracte it was for me on the 7th.

My brother and his wife did it and it was correct. It came out a girl.

Good luck and happy peeing, lol

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I did the Intelligender test at 14 weeks and got a girl result. It was right. Biggrin