It's my due date and I'll cry if I want to...

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It's my due date and I'll cry if I want to...

Today is my EDD and no signs of baby any time soon. I'm feeling so extra hormonal today and just want to cry all the time. I'm fine with baby being overdue, but gosh, everything makes me want to bawl and I feel like I can't handle the noise and the fuss from the kids.
I had my 39.6 day appt yesterday. Everything looks great. BP and HR were wonderful. Belly measures 42 weeks :eek:. I never measured more than 39-40 with my other two. This pregnancy is just totally different. OB did a little sweep, but said she couldn't really fit two fingers in there enough to do a good one. Plus, she was afraid she would break my water because the bag was bulging under the head. Just need some good productive contractions to get this show on the road!
It looks like DH will have to ask off for his two days when I go into labor (if she's born during the week). I'm a little depressed that she didn't come this week while he was off, but the important thing is she's healthy and I'm healthy.

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I'm sorry you feel poorly...maybe having a good cry will help. Sending labor thoughts your way.

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I hear you!!! I wanted to do the same thing on my EDD... someone on here recommended a root beer float which was HEAVENLY, so I recommend you get one too!! (or some other yummy indulgence). Try not to get too depressed or emotional... baby will come when ready and its best for him/her. But its REALLY FREAKING hard to wait. Every day seems like an eternity. lol... I'm here with you too!!!!

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HUGS! I am so sorry! Hopefully the sweep did something and you'll be going into labor soon.

And I totally 2nd PP, indulge yourself and have a good cry!

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Sad I hear ya about the DH time off. My hubby was off for the c-section but went to work from the hospital the next few days. Sad So I hope its on the weekend for you but at the same time I hope it soon for you! I agree ... go enjoy a root beer float! :icecream:

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oh no i'm sorry
but its very soon :bigarmhug:

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I'm sorry Beth, I was really hoping she would come last week. It shouldn't be too long now and you've earned the right to cry. 40 weeks is enough, baby!

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Thanks, ladies. I think I'm more bummed about DH going back to work this week than going overdue. I want her to come when she's ready.
We went to Panera for dinner and I had a delicious Chicken Caesar sandwich and I am feeling much better. Having a few contractions, but nothing major. We are getting some much needed rain right now, so that makes things even better! Smile

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it was me that suggested the root beer float. and dang they've been good.
i'm sorry that your due date has come and gone but at least everyone is healthy.