Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo

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Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo

Not sure if all of you ladies have seen this or not, but I'd definitely read it before lathering your LO's up in J&J shampoo again...

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My pediatrician told me about it and she recommended Burt's Bees.

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TFS!! I used J&J on Alex but haven't on Max. I've only used Philosophy but I won't be using J&J anymore!!

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We are currently using California Baby but I really don't care for it's smell as far as a baby wash goes. I like their lotion b/c it's cloth diaper safe and clears up redness on the bottom VERY quickly. I use Burt's Bees calming lotion and I like its smell ok. I like Earth Mama, Angel Baby but I DON'T like that it is not tear free. Beee What are natural soaps that you use on your baby or are going to try? Veronica, I'll have to google Philosophy.

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Wow, TFS. I'm definitely surprised to read that... DH did point out that many shampoos have things like that and other "bad" chemicals... again, surprising to me, but he wasn't and had heard stuff like this before about various products. I'm interested in finding another product... Please give suggestions, hopefully one of them will be here in Canada too.

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WOW!! i use J&J, just assumed it was ok. I would love suggestions for what else i can use that is safe.

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I use the California Baby sensitive, fragrance-free. Company's don't have to list the ingredients used to make the fragrancces, so I'm always a little wary, even with "natural" products. But I used my niece's J&J on the kids while we were visiting in Sept and I didn't even think that this kind of stuff could be in it, so I was a bit shocked. I love California Baby products, but I won't lie, I only use soap on Lio maybe once a week, but typically just water. He doesn't get "dirty" so just a rinse works, ha ha.

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I wonder if it's the same for the generic?? Probably :-? We just use the big walmart generic baby wash but it says it's comparable to J&J
Guess I'll have to buy something else...stinks cause all 4 of my kids still use the baby wash. My girls use it as a body wash cause it has a pump so it's easier for them than the soap.

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I did some looking and the chemical is in several different brands of body wash that I use ... surprising its in so many... Go check your own bottles too.

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