is it jsut me??

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is it jsut me??

so i was wondering so it just me or does it seem like 6 months has flown by?

I have been trying to come to terms with all the changes Lilly is going through, she really is a little person. it amazes me even still that we made such a beautiful baby, especially after ttc for so long.

We are just now venturing into solid foods, and i finally made her 6 month baby well check, oops a few weeks late. But i have been so preoccupied with Lilly, oh and i know subconsciously I just dont want to admit she is 6 months already, and i have been dreading her shots too.
Grandma keeps saying oh our little baby is half a year old now, it sounds so much more grown up than 6 months, i told her to stop saying that. :rolleyes:

so how is everyone else?

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Im with you. its flown by, even more so than it did with DS1. I'm amazed... I miss the new baby snuggles all day already, but I also look forward to him crawling up a storm and walking and talking and seeing his personality... but its going so fast. I'm trying to enjoy every moment... sometimes its hard and stressful though.

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Time has flown so fast this time around knowing he's my last Sad It does not feel like half a year since he was born and he's just growing so fast, I swear it goes faster with each baby