Just found out...

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Just found out...

Well, first of all hi everyone! I noticed we have grown quite a bit since I last logged in. I guess I will introduce myself and say my name is Nicole, I am originally from the July 2011 board and my little guy was born on June 27th. I am usually popping in and out around here and keep up on what everyone is posting but I don't always add to the conversation. (often simply because I am too lazy to sign in)

Anyways... what I came to say and tell everyone is that we are expecting again!!! I literally took the test 5 minutes ago and I haven't even told DH yet. (He is still sleeping, I'm still trying to think up a cute way to tell him) Of course this is something you want to tell people so here I am.

Now to get out some of my excitement:

YAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I am really really excited!!! Alex and baby #2 will be 18 months apart (I'm actually guessing a due date of Dec 31st!) AND it means I am only going to be back at work for pretty much the exact minimum to get max maternity pay again!!!!! (MWAAHAHAHAHAHA)

We weren't "officially" trying but we were planning on starting in June (I am registered for a 5k run June 17th which I should still be able to do, but I wanted to wait until after for this and other reasons) Alas, we have only been using condoms as birth control during the time of month where I *believe* I am ovulating however this month I was quite in the mood before learning that we were out and it was kind of one of those "to-hell-with-it" moments.

Well, I guess I will leave it at that, so good morning everyone!!!!

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Holy cow!!! Congrats!!

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Congratulations! that's great news.
So how did you tell him?
with one of the kids i slipped soem baby shoes in his lunch box. another one i replaced his underware with diapers. and the last one i wrapped it up and gave it as an early CHristmas present.

we told our parents with the first one by sending pink ad blue flowers with the card that said "it might be pink, it might be blue can you guess what we're telling you". Smile

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Oh, wow! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lol, well.... this is going to sound so lame but...

Troy and I have both been playing Draw Something a lot lately and it was my turn this morning, so I made my Draw Something something like this:

(wrote the words:)Guess what?
*trash* (if you are unfamiliar this clears the page and starts a new "drawing")
I'm pregnant
Oh yeah, here's your word
(insert crappy picture of a barn)

The only problem was that by the time he woke up I had already been up for 2 hours and was like dying inside so I wasn' being very subtle. I was playing Draw Something and asking him about why he hadn't played yet this morning and I ended up opening it for him and clicking on the picture so he would see the message.

Oh well. It was cute and he is really excited Smile

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YAY! that's all that matters. hard to contain that news for sure!

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Doing a happy preggi dance for you! Can't wait to hear more updates with the pregnancy!

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Congrats! I've never been able to hold it in long lol I think I told him about at least two of our kids over the phone actually

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Congrats!! How exciting Biggrin

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congratulations! How exciting!

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congrats! my lil guy is named Alexander, too! Smile

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Congrats!! That is exciting news!!