Kinda disappointed appt.

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Kinda disappointed appt.

I had my 28 week appointment Thursday. I was measuring at 28cm, Lizzie's heartbeat was great and I passed my GD test. I was disappointed to find out that I would not be getting another ultrasound again. My doctor said maybe at 36 weeks, if then.

When I went to check out, I asked one of the office staff about the 3D ultrasound. She said asked me what week I was. When I told her I was going to be 28 weeks Saturday, she told might be to late, but they will schedule it and try anyway. She told me I should have scheduled when I was 26 weeks. I told her I was going to, but at the time the ultrasound tech broke her arm and was only doing ultrasounds that needed to be done, nothing extra.

There's another place that does them up until 32 weeks that I may try if it doesn't work out Tuesday.

I know I should be excited I passed the dreaded diabetes test and Lizzie is healthy and looks great. I just wanted another peek at her. Especially now that I can finally feel her moving.

I hope all you ladies are doing great.

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I'm glad you passed your GD test! What a bummer that you won't see her on the 3D u/s. Hopefully they can get you in. Just curious, why don't they do them later?

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Im glad all is well! we found a place that does 3/d u/s, but its expensive. there is a certain time frame that is best for 3/d u/s, i think because of the size of the baby after a certain week, atleast that is how it was explained to me. i am dying for another peak at Kendra, but i just cant justify the $165. Sad

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So weird that they say you might be too far along now. With our first, the 3d ultrasound was at almost 30 weeks, and this one was at 31 weeks...hopefully they can get you in before its too late.

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I thought it was weird to, consiering there is a place that does them from 28-32 weeks down the road and is $25 cheaper. I was told because the baby is too squished, that's whyt hey don't do them after that.

We'll see tomorrow. Hopefully I will have some pictures to post.

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They told me 28-34 weeks was the best time to do 3d u/s-- i would go ahead and schedule it! glad you had a good appointment otherwise. Smile

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great news on passing the GD test...
As for the 3D u/s
I always thought they were nice.. But way to real looking and rather the looks of my baby be a surprise. Knowing the sex is enough for me
DH never agreed with getting one
i had a u/s @ 6wks, 7wks, 9wks, 19wks, 20 wks, 23wks & @ 26wks
there is no way my ob would even dare give me another unless its serious

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I am happy to hear you passed the GD test.

Like the others, I am very surprised at the u/s place. I know the one I went to would do them much later.

When I had DD I went to L&D on a false alarm at 37 weeks and some change. While at the hospital they had a u/s done and the tech took 3D pics of her face for me. It was squashed but the pics look very similar to how she looked when she was born a few days later.

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I know it's silly and the 3D/4D are a bit too TMI, I just wanted to see her to make sure everything is going well. I'm sure it is.

Thanks for listening to me whine. Smile