kinda sad

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kinda sad

i am kinda sad to see the forums for 2011 gone, I know this will be great as the kids get older, but It makes me feel sad, sine all our Lo's are growing up.

I haven't been checking in as much but i lurk at times.
things seem so slow around here. anyway
Lilly had her 10 month baby well check, and is now 18lbs 28 inches. doing well, working on walking, she is not confident in her self yet to try on her own without mommy or someones fingers to hold on to.

hope everyone is doing well, and can't wait to see all the birthday pic's.

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Chris i'm right there with ya too. As Eve's out last baby its just going way too fast. My DS#2's 3rd birthday was on Sunday and i'm still wondering how that happened? didn't i just bring him home from the hospital.

There's so much more to look forward to with Lilly. Congrats on teh BF milestone by the way.

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It is sad to lose the individual boards, but nice to have a few more posters all together.

Lilly is adorable, BTW.