leaking nipples?

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leaking nipples?

is anyone else starting to leak a clear fluid from nipples? I figured this was normal, it just started this week, i noticed yesterday before my shower. I am ok right? Isn't it too early to be leaking? :dontknow:

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its normal and its fine. its just hormones doing the hormone thing. hopefully this is a good indication about your milk supply!
my boobs leaked a bit but not until my 3rd trimester. though i did have some fairly early on in this pregnancy thinking back.
you're ok though.

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Totally normal! Smile I leaked super early during my last pregnancy for a few weeks, and then it stopped and I didn't start until I was in labor. This time around I don't have to worry about it since I'm still BFing, ha ha. Pick up some nursing pads if you leak a "lot." That'll save your bras.

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Wow...hasn't happened to me yet but won't be surprised if they did start leaking!

Just hope they don't surprise me as I've sorta stopped wearing my bra's, the rub off feels irritating...sensitive nipples etc! Would hate to walk around with 2 wet patches!

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I haven't started that yet and I didn't experience it with my 1st pregnancy either. Mmmm.....makes me wonder about my milk supply.

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Not this pregnancy but with DD I had them.

Totally normal.

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Mine are leaking a bit too...I only noticed bc my nips were shiney and when I touched them they were sticky YUCK!

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Hasn't happened yet with this pregnancy. It did with my first but I can't remember when it started. I think it was closer to the end of the 2nd trimester. It's definitely normal.

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thanks a lot i was kind of starting to worry. lol like I said it is not a lot just a few drops or two in the am and in the pm before bed. I just wasn't prepared since I thought that only happened like right before baby came.