Letdown? How soon?

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Letdown? How soon?

After I had DS1 it took me about 2 weeks after he was born before I really felt a letdown. So far thist ime I have not felt a letdown yet. I'm feeling full but I haven't felt that very full engorgement type feeling. I know my milk has come in, I'm just wondering if it hasn't fully come in? I never leak from the other side. Once I start letting down then I will leak as I did with DS1.

Is it normal to not start getting a letdown till a bit later? I know he's getting milk because I can hear him swallowing/gulping but we're having to supplement with formula after each feeding (or almost every feeding) because of the jaundice and I really don't want to have to do this anymore. I'm wondering if he isn't getting what he should because I'm not having a letdown just yet. He will take anywhere from 1/2 an ounce to a full ounce after feeding and this is after he feeds from both breasts.

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I don't think I started feeling a letdown for a few weeks with DD1. I do remember leaking pretty much constantly starting about about day 5 and that stopped right around the time that I started feeling letdown although both sides would letdown at the same time. I would probably stop giving the formula and just see what happens. Is it possible he's just taking some formula because he still wants to suck but isn't actually looking for more? Is the jaundice getting better?

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I've noticed that this time is a lot different than with dd. I haven't gotten nearly as engorged as I did with her and am not as sore. Its been rather nice actually. I do know he's getting enough, all those diapers and he is gaining weight well, plus I can still pump and get quite a bit. Maybe beacuse its not the first time? our bodies are reacting differently, don't know.

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I never really felt it and I successfully nursed for 18 months.

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You know, I only felt letdown for maybe a week or two when DD was a newborn. And she is still BFing like a maniac at almost 17 mos with zero issues. I don't think I'd worry too much. Maybe count yourself lucky, hahaha.

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I never had that Let down feeling while feeding DS1, but I feel like my boobs are a pressure cooker for a few seconds with this baby and it did take about two weeks for that to start. very uncomfy when your NOT feeding your baby! :eek:

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I usually feel a Let down after my milk comes on @3/4day
i'm still feeling a let down about 6months it goes away for me

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I have had NO engorgement this time! I feel full and milk is definately coming out but no engorgement-- i hear this is a good thing. Smile i'm definately not as sore either-- i think alex can latch on better with me not being as engorged which has helped with his latch and helped with the soreness. Smile