Lilly's 6 week

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Lilly's 6 week

Okay so Lilly had her six week appointment on Wednesday, and she checks out jsut great. we talk about vaccinations, and how strong she is.

okay so her weight is 10 lbs 8oz, length is 23 and a quarter inches :eek: which is 99th percentile.

her first smile was sept 27th, and on Monday she actually rolled over from her back to tummy, twice on her own!! our family Dr. said that is way early, I had/have no clue about this kind of stuff since i am a first time mom.

I just now have got to start reading books on baby and what should be happening and when, I kind of been feeling dumb, about things like vaccinations and development and so on and so forth.

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Sounds like she's growing great! Good job! Maybe she's going to be a little mover if she's already rolling so much.
I have "What to Expect the First Year" and I am constantly having to look things up and I am a third time mom. I also would recommend the Dr. Sears book on Vaccines. It's very balanced about the risks and effects of each vaccine and offers an alternative vaccine schedule. Our Pedi who is very Pro-vaccine likes to reference it.