Max or Maxwell?

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Max or Maxwell?

Do you like either Max or Maxwell? DS is Alexander and I really like Max. If we go with Maxwell then we'll call him Max. Maxwell isn't my choice but it's the best fit with out lastname. His middle name will be Robert. My lastname is 1 syllable so that's why I was thinking Maxwell.

DH has left all of this up to me. He doesn't care either way.

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I like Maxwell and call him Max-- my friend just had a baby named Maddox and they call him Max.

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I think Maxwell sounds better with Robert but this is hard for me as I (and DH) prefer to call her what she is named so we would want to name him Max if that is what we plan on calling him. Over the years lots of people try to give me a nickname since my name is Jessica and I just hate it and DH is Dominic and he hates nicknames as well (not that it matters but just our thoughts).

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I prefer Maxwell...but I'm a big fan of nicknames. Actually, the name we've settled on was chosen for its nickname potential.

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But, since i have a 3.5 year old named Maxwell, I thought I would chime in! Smile

Obviously, love the name...he actually goes by Maxwell (he calls himself that). I figure as he gets older, he can choose to go by Maxwell or Max, but for now, we all call him Maxwell.

Great name choice, by the way!!! Smile

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I think Maxwell flows better with Robert than Max. However I'm not a big fan of using nicknames so if you are going to call him Max then I would probably just use that.

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I think Maxwell too. I'm sure he will almost always go by Max, but having that extra little bit I think would flow better if your last name is only 1 syllable. I definitely like Maxwell better, then he can go by Maxwell or Max - whichever he wants (or you want)

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Grrr I had written a whole big post and I hit the wrong button and lost it. lol... I'll try to remember what I wrote.

I like Maxwell Robert Smith (I'm using smith as a one syllable last name to get the idea... lol) over Max Robert Smith. Obviously if you plan on calling him Max, it'll be Max Smith for most of the time, but when you see the whole name written out it "flows" nicer IMO. And when hes an adult Maxwell has more of a "grown up" feel to it if he wants to go by that. Again, just IMO. Smile

As for nicknames, My name gets shortened to Mar by a lot of friends and I dont mind it. If I did I would say something. DH has a one syllable name and it doesnt get get shortened. DS' name is hard to shorten and so is the name we've picked out for baby #2 (WHENEVER HE SHOWS UP!!! lol) so any nicknames for them are just nicknames, not shortened versions of names. (Like "kiddo"... lol)

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I know I've commented on your name choices before, but here I am again lol! I would go with Maxwell, as it just sounds better (I'm not a fan of nicknames, either). Of course everyone calls my Maximus "Max", and there's nothing that I can do about it, but I know that that's not his full name, so I deal with it lol!

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** Lurker **

Hope you don't mind me piping in here. I love Maxwell, but for my DS, it wouldn't work with our last name (starts with a W, and I just thought it sounded weird). So, still loving the nickname Max, we found another variation of Maxton. I have found that, although I love the nickname, we call him by his full name a lot more. (And same thing with DD, we chose her name based off of the nickname of Izzie, but find ewe are calling her Isabelle a lot more). So make sure the full version is something that you like as well.