Maybe TMI....

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Maybe TMI....

I had my 34 wk appt with the high-risk doctor on monday. He does the check-ups on my cervix and cerclage as well as the fibroids. Well fortunately I have no more funneling and my cervix looked good. The baby's weight(estimate) was 4lbs 15oz. I got to only see her lips and nose because she always has her hands in her face and she is still in the breech position. Fast forward to today. I woke this morning to go to the bathroom and when I wiped I got a brownish discharge. I kinda shrugged it off as I had a transvaginal ultrasound done on monday and figured maybe they irritated something. Well when I went again....nothing. When I woke for work and used the bathroom again, there was more alot more. Also I was having what I considered BH quite often. So I called the OB's office and was told to go in. The OB said that it was definitely old blood and that the cervix and cerclage were fine.

This just doesn't sit well with me because my body just doesn't feel right and I don't want to continuously call them. So I don't know what I should do.

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If the baby is moving, I think thats a good sign, and because they checked your cervix you could have spotting from that. ( I cramped all night last night after they checked me, and they did warn about spotting) but I wouldn't feel bad about calling at all, I think your to the point were you should go in and be checked if you feel something is wrong, who do you care more about your daughter or their opinion? Worst they will do is send you home. HOpe you feel better about it soon.

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I agree w/ the pp. If you don't feel at ease then go in and get checked out. Is she moving around?

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Agreed. If she is moving around and you arent having serious pain, then I wouldnt worry too much...but if something doesnt feel right, then call. Your instinct/intuition is better than theirs when it comes to your body!

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If the baby is moving fine and the blood don't get red and no contractions... I think you should be ok.

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I think you will be OK but make sure you call your dr if you dont feel right.

They get paid to help you. It is their job.

Mother's instinct can be very accurate.

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I agree with PP. Hopefully the discharge stop soon. If it doesn't stop soon then I might think about calling the doctor.

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Hows it been. I take it the bleeding stopped? Hope all is well with you. Let us know! Smile