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I haven't heard from Squirrel - my DH texted her abs I emailed. But here's the latest. At midnight I took an Ambeine spelling, then about an two hours layer a mild pain killer for contractions. At 3 the cevidil came out and got an epi. My pitocin started at 4. And so far so good. Dr should be here at 7 or 8 to break water.

I was also 1cm at 3 -stinks!!

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Thinking of you!

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loving the play by play! hope it goes smooth for you! i'll be stalking you today! Smile good luck

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Good luck today!!

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I hope things picked up for you! Sending T&Ps your way!

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keep refreshing facebook to see if youve posted any news yet; sending positive vibes your way!

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Sorry Hun. I did post eventually lol!