MIA lately sorry kinda long

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MIA lately sorry kinda long

Hello Ladies! Just want to drop in and apologize for being MIA. well, not MIA technically, i have been reading up on how you all are doing. i just havent posted lately, mostly cause i dont spend alot of time ont he computer and i havent been logged in on here and i've been too lazy to log in recently! hey, atleast im honest HAHA So before to continue, i want say congrats to all the new mommys!! i loved reading all the birth stories and see all the pics. the babies are so precious!

We are all doing really great. Kendra is almost 7 weeks already :eek: and this is my first week back to work. It is going better than expected, though it is difficult to concentrate when i stare at her beautiful face the entire time im there ( i have a pic of her on my computer's background) LOL She is with DH's sister while we work, which makes me feel a whole hell of alot better about being here. we are gone 12 hours most days, which is KILLING me!! i have this dread that only have 3 hours with her before bedtime is eventually going to take it toll, allowing her to think that my SIL is her momma. yes, i know this sounds silly and is rediculous, but this is so hard. not to mention that i know i am missing so much during the day. i got so used to being with her while i home Sad but on a good note, on Tuesday i asked them (its my SIl, BIL, niece and her boyfriend there at the time) if she had smiled for them at all that day. We were still waiting for that first special one and i was afraid i had missed it...well, i asked them all and they said no, i immediately looked down at Kendra and there it was! her first smile. it was a big one too, her eyes were lit up and everthing and she was looking at ME! there are no words to decribe how wonderful that was. It came perfect timing too. i've been stressed the last 6 weeks thanks to some family um, hmm, i'll call it "drama" that has been going on. Yep, yo heard me, the day i gave birth the drama started and despite my efforts wont let up. so that smile that day just made my week!!

Well, i dont want to make this too long, you all have babies to take of after all Biggrin Here are a few pics of Kendra.

This one is when she was about 3 weeks old:

this one was taken yesterday by my niece. My SIL is holding her:

Have a great day to you all!!!

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I'm so sorry you're dealing with family drama. I am no stranger to that unfortunately.

I know how it is going back to work. It's always hard. And don't worry about Kendra thinking your SIL is her momma. She knows who her momma is without a doubt!

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she is precious, so glad she had her first smile for you her mommy.

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I love the photos!!! I have been MIA as well. I'm having to deal with some family drama and a lo who wants to play with mommy all day.

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Kerri, i couldnt get KEndra to settle down last night for the first time EVER! usualy is out like a light no later than 9pm sharp. She wasnt happy unless i was snuggling her until 10:30pm, i am assuming she missed me while i worked and needed to make up for it. Well, the feeling is mutual, i miss her too! i am so thankful for a 3 day weekend! i cant wait to spent time with her again!

Girl we need to catch up and compare family drama, i use a girl chat right about now!

Thanks Chris and Veronica! i got a sleepy smile out of her this morning. LOVE IT!