MIA So sorry ladies

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MIA So sorry ladies

Well I'm not really surprised I'm still Pregnant , Seeing this is a lil Girl

She is determined to stay put. And I have no Choice to be ok with it.

I have been soooo Miserable , Cranky , sore , and Frustrated
My back is killing me and its hard to sit for long... I sleep , sleep , Sleep most the day , My pelvis area hurts so bad, Candace is Really draining me trying to beautify herself before she comes Out :rolleyes:
I was at my moms Yesterday and she was a great Help.

My youngest Son dislocated his arm and we had to take him to the ER, They gave him pain meds to Twist it back which had him in pain when they did it but he is alright now.

I'm more frustrated with people keep asking me, when are you going to have the baby, did you have the baby, your still pregnant, Dh goes to church and its like every one is running to him asking him did I have the baby, he tells them Why won't they call and see, maybe even check up on me see how i'm doing. Nope no one Calls Every one is sooooo Concerned about Candace.
Hey I'm the one in pain over here. But what Ever.

I know you ladies understand But, Its crazy to look at your phone to see text such as

any change?
whats the status?
still no baby ?
Your still pregnant?
did you have the baby yet?

Yes these are the type of texts I get.

So i'm still Pregnant and Will have Lil Candace when I do.

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Ugh! I'm so sorry. Hopefully she comes soon!

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I am right there. Did you see that video chris posted?

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Ugh thats so frustrating!!
I'm getting that too from my mom and my grandma in law lol.

Hopefully she comes soon or you get some relief soon! I'm glad your son is doing better now Sad Poor kid! And great new siggy pic!

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Yuck, I'm sorry Sad I always wonder what people are thinking...like I'm not going to tell them if I'd had the baby. Maybe you just need to send out a mass text telling people you will call/text when she is here.
I'm glad your son is better- what a crazy time for you!
I am still praying you have a July baby.

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Seriously RIGHT there with you!! I keep getting those questions too - some of facebook, some texts, some in person. While I didn't really mind in the beginning because I honestly didn't think I'd still be preggo, now that I'm so over being preggo and frustrated that I'm actually still preggo - its a pain Sad I know people are just asking and excited to hear any news, but for them they ask once, but for us - we get asked once by 6 people. I guess we'll wait and see how things go. I really hope you have her soon!!

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Thanks Ladies Like I said I don't Expect to here it from you ladies cause we are in the same boat... LOL
If she stays put for another weeks or so , I just pray she stay healthy and Ok