Milkies on sale

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Milkies on sale

Someone had posted about Milkies and they are on this site today:
Its a daily deal thing, so it will just be today, till they run out.

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Thanks for posting. I've been looking at buying some!

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I just found this site today. I didn't buy those - but if you don't get them today check the "archives" section. I got a few things that had been on sale before and didn't totally sell out. They don't always have extras, it tells you either "shop" or "sold out", and of what I got they didn't necessarily have all the styles/designs available... but it does allow you to check after the fact.

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thank you so much for posting this! I bought one Smile I've been wanting one, but couldn't afford full price

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i'm wiped out from buying mother's day gift... I have 3 months to try and get them .. Smile