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moby experts

I just am not sure and it sounds dumb but..should I undress my baby from a light zipper jacket before putting baby in hug hold? we are going shopping and then walking outside... ???

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if you think its cool enough and you need a jacket then I would... or you can put the coat in your diaper bag while inside and redress baby when doing outside if you wanted. (I know that may be more of a pain... lol)

Orion likes to be warm so I tend to err on the side of keeping him warmer than I would dress myself. lol

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When it's in the 50-60 s here I just put her in the moby with her footed sleeper. Then I put a hat on her. That's usually enough for us. I sometime wear a sweatshirt that is big enough to zip around both of us.

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I haven't walked outside with Max but it's still pretty warm here so I just put Max in a onsie.

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Blum 3 well the walk went great with a little hat on... now for the store I'll just take off his liitle jacket

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I generally either do a onesie or a zipper footie...both thin. Unless it's freezing out, I have found these are enough because their whole body is covered and warmed by your body heat too. I end up getting hot after awhile in it! Then again we have had mostly warm weather here Smile

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I try to put as little on Alex as I can b/c he gets SO hot in the Moby. I'm sure this winter, I'll just leave him dressed but even with fall temps. I think he gets too hot. Where are you at? I'm in SC.