Mucus Plug to Labor Time

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Mucus Plug to Labor Time

So what was you girls experience with loosing your plug and labor starting?

With DS1 i lost it while i was in labor.

DS2, just had to call and ask DH, but he said he thought he remembered it being several days before.

soooooo TMI warning -- i've started loosing stringy mucus like substance that has a bit of pink here and there. mostly its clear.

so what do you girls think? is labor right around the corner? still a few days away? i'm so trying to decide if i should get my Mom to leave a day early and come on for tomorrow instead of Saturday. i wish i had a crystal ball!!!

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i have no advice for you unfortunately, but i am really glad you asked this!! i was wondering the same exact thing. i lost my plug in big ole icky clumps Sunday nite I (i was 37W4D) and Monday i found out i was 60% effaced and 1CM dialated already. dr said it could be any day now or it could be another 2 weeks. i started having big time BH's right at 37W. if you find that crystal ball, will you kindly share it with the class Wink

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I lost mine on Sunday too. I don't remember losing it with DD. I've been having contractions for weeks now, but the last three nights they've been regular and painful and have then petered out after I fell asleep. No help here.

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unfortunately I am here still, I lost my plug on Tuesday night and I to have had some regular contractions late at night, but they fizzle out after i have been asleep a while. Sorry im not much help, first timer and all.

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LOL... i'm a 3rd timer and still asking questions!

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I have no loss so I am even less help then the other ladies other than to say that Dr. said that it may not come out at all until I am in labor... Sad I could also use a crystal ball as I am anxious. I don't need her to come out now, I just want to know when.

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With my DD I lost my mucus plug at 3am (the whole thing, I never got it in bits like many do) and she was here at 735pm that day. But my SIL lost her plug 2 weeks before my niece was born and had contractions on and off until then. So yeah, no help, sorry!!

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I lost my plug (no blood, just mucus) over a period of about 2 weeks with Camdyn. When I saw red (fresh) blood, I knew I'd be having her soon and I had her the next day. Same thing with DD. Once I saw pink, I had her the next day.
But I've also heard others say that they have blood in theirs without having a baby anytime soon, so I'm not much help either.

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with ds #1, i lost it the day before labor, i never lost it with dd, and with alex, i lost pieces of it weeks before labor and lost a piece with blood either the day before or two days before i had him... when i was in early labor.

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