My 37week OB APPT

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My 37week OB APPT

Well It wen't well I think
But , I am in alot of pain... My back is KILLING ME

And I know why Cause baby girl is Right There Yes I got Checked.
I'm 1 cm and MW was surprised how low her head was, She said she didn't even have to go far cause her head was right there.

My MW is concerned about her weight , By how she was squeezing my stomach she Said she is going to be a really Small baby, So just to see I have my 8th U/S this pregnancy on Monday,.LOL
I'm happy cause I get to see my baby again.

I have Gained a Total Of ........... 3 Lbs this Pregnancy and Loving it.

Also My mom Surprised me and took the boys over night Yahoo
So now I can relax , & eat my KFC

Well that's it. Just Wanted to share . I hope to have a Baby within the Next week , but you know how that Goes , It's just not up to me.

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how exciting! And Dang I'm jealous of ur 3lbs!

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Yay for a break from kiddos!! Smile Enjoy your free night!

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How exciting!! LO to be born soon, another u/s and a gain of a mere 3 lbs! im jealous Smile

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So crazy that you're full term already! I hope the baby's bigger than your midwife thinks. My little 5.5 pounder had trouble maintaining her body temp and blood sugar in the beginning because she was so little. Eat a lot of KFC and maybe you can fatten her up. Wink

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YAY! We may be "meeting" another little lady soon!!! Smile

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YAY! Hope you're holding Candace soon! Enjoy that KFC and kid-free's precious!

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Its so funny
cause i eat and eat and really eat
I eat what ever I want when I want no matter what time of day or night.

She has to be gaining something cause my belly is measuring right on target.

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sounds like a good appointment! yeah for another u/s!!! and 3 lbs?! ugh....... wish I could say that! LOL and now I want KFC at 9 am..... haha Smile

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