My last OB appointment!

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My last OB appointment!

Had my last OB appointment today. BP was great, HB was great. Doctor asked how I was feeling and I mentioned that i thought I had a couple contractions today but wasn't sure. I told him that I feel like I'm about to split open, down below and my belly. He said he didn't like that and wanted to know how I felt about having him this Saturday instead of Tuesday the 16th. I said that was fine with me and then he left and called over to L&D. He came back and said to be at the hospital at 5:30 Saturday morning. He said if the pressure or pain gets worse to go in.

So looks like Max will arrive 8/13 instead of 8/16. The only that would make me happier is to go into labor now! I'm miserable!!!!

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Very exciting! Only a few more days until you get to hold your baby boy!

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You can do it!! Just a few more days!!

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Doin a happy baby dance for you! Very cool! Blum 3

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Yay! Good luck!!

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yay!!! good luck to you!!!

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That's awesome. Congrats!

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Congrats on your scheduled induction! My second and third babies were induced and I like it so much more, as I was able to plan ahead. The kids were safely at nana's house, I was able to pack, shower, braid my hair, DH was right there with me... none of the crazy running around and calling DH away from work hoping he'll get there in time! Good luck, can't wait to read the birth story!