My Surro Twins Arrived

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My Surro Twins Arrived

Well this is for sure not how I planned on ending my pregnancy, but I guess they thought different. I went impatient on June 1st, due to weight of baby A as well as Blood Flow Retraction. I made it till June 8th then my blood pressure decided enough was enough, it reached 186/112 and my dr. said that was it. I was taken back at 930 June 8th for the delivery of my surro twins. Baby Boy A-Davis was born at 1010 weighing in at 2lb3oz, 14.5in long and Baby Girl B-Devan was born at 1011 weighing in at 3lb11oz, 16.5in long. they both cried wonderful loud cries. They were taken to NICU and I went to recovery. I finally was able to be wheeled through the NICU to see them. WOW they are tiny. But doing wonderful. Davis was breathing on his own and Devan had to have a little O2. They are currently up to Davis-2lb6oz, and Devan 3lb15oz. they are off all O2, as well as IV's. they just need time to grow now.
I am recovering from my c-section, Due to me being on bedrest I was put on Heprin, well it formed a hematoma behind my incision, so i now have an open c-section wound of 4in. I pray it heals nicely. The one good thing about this delivery, I believe I gained right around 25lb, before I left the hospital 4 days after, I had lost 33lbs, I came home and tried on my pre-pregnant jeans and they fit!!! I am currently down 36lbs as of Tuesday. I am getting ready to move to S. Carolina where my hubby has been for the last 6 months working as a police officer on the Marine Base.
I pray you all have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy. Best of luck to you- enjoy it!! I feel very cheated that I am no longer pregnant, and didn't get to birth these babies naturally.

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I'm sorry the birth didn't go as you were hoping, but you there are two healthy LO's because of you. I say you are more than allowed to go through the grieving process for the loss of your expectation/hope. Hang in there. I'm glad you'll get to be with DH again.

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Your Awesome for what You did
I pray the boys Grow Great and you have a Wonderful Fast recovery
& I know You are so happy to be with your Husband soon .
Take care

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You did a wonderful job-don't be disappointed! I hope your incision heals quickly. So glad they are both doing well.

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You did awesome! I'm so glad the babies are both breathing on their own and are growing. Try not to be too hard on yourself, but I totally understand the grief of not having the labor your wanted. Take time to work through it, you need it. Enjoy some much needed time with your hubby! I hope the incision heals quickly from here.

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wonderful news to hear that both babies are doing so well! you are a wonderful person for putting yourself through this-- that takes a special person. Smile i'm here in sc so you will sorta "know" somebody. Smile

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So glad that everyone is doing well. Best wishes to all of you.

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Wow - I have been wondering about you. I am glad they are both doing well. How many weeks were you when they were delivered?

I hope you recover quickly and enjoy your time with your DH.

I am very envious of your weight gain and loss after pregnancy.