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name help/question

DH has always wanted to use the name Phoenix for a girl. We talked about it with DD1 and I was indifferent to the name. We finally agreed on Avalon (DH suggestion) - although in the delivery room he was still mentioning Phoenix. I was so exhausted at that point I told him I didn't care which name we use. He decided to stick with Avalon. So now baby #2 is going to be a girl as well so we are back to the naming debate. DH still has Phoenix as the one and only name on his list and I am still indifferent to it. We both came up with the same middle name so at least that isn't an issue. I have spent many hours looking at names and the only name that has sort of stood out to me so far is Winter and DH doesn't like it. I'm tempted just to agree to Phoenix because it would be easier but I'm afraid I might regret it. Have any of you agreed to a name that you didn't love? Do you grow to love the name? Does it matter to you either way? If I hated the name it wouldn't happen but I just have no strong feelings either way and I know DH really wants it.

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oh I am sorry you are having name issues, i completely understand about not really knowing one way or another. I am still undecided on a boys name, we have two picked out ( Grant, or Mason) but it is kind of like just because DH likes them i am okay with them, but not in love.

Hates a name i think is unique : Onyx West, and I always wanted to name a little girl Raven.

Maybe you could tell Dh your just not sure on Phoenix, and ask him to consider different names???

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I will be totally honest here-- we could not agree on a name for DD and the only thing we remotely agreed on was Zoey, and like you, I didn't hate it but I was indifferent. Well, after she was born, I hated it until she was like a year old! I'll never tell her that, and I love it now as she has grown into it but I found myself calling her by her nicknames I had for her more than her real name. She is definately a Zoey now but I'm worried, too with this baby. I like the name Alexander but I don't LOVE it-- but it's all we can remotely agree on. I think calling him Alex is cute so that's what I've been doing. I think he will grow into his name quicker than Zoey did b/c I do like this name a bit more than Zoey. Smile

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With DD I did not love her name - I just thought it was OK. DH and I could not agree on a name so Izzie was a compromise. I don't hate the name - I am just not in love with it.

I love my DD to death and the name does not get in the way of that.

To be honest, I don't think about the name much anymore. DD is just Izzie.

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I'm with the other ladies. I wasn't always in LOVE with the name we went with for our first. It was really the one name we both agreed on. I love it now and it really suits him perfectly.

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Yeah, we agreed on Alexander-Alex for short-for ds. I still like the name but it wasn't my favorite.
We're using Maxwell-Max for short for this boy. I like it a lot and hopefully will after he is born.

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We can't pick a middle name. I like it. My brother and his wife are hving issues with other people with the name they picked - Salem.

WE picked Elizabeth after my DH's mom, but we want to call her Lizzie. I am having issues with naming her Elizabeth or if we should name her Lizzie. We want her to have options later on. But still.

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What about Phoenix as the middle name?

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Thanks for all the input! He came home from work with an alternative today which is Aerowyn. If I had to choose between the two I think I would choose Phoenix. He definitely likes unique names! Nothing is set right now, we will continue to talk about it. It's nice to hear that those that didn't 'love' the names eventually did. The name Phoenix has grown on me in the 15 years I've known DH so who knows.

BTW - the middle name for this baby will be Ried (pronounced reed), regardless of first name, which is a shortened version of my maiden name.