Nap Schedule???

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Nap Schedule???

Are your LO on a nap schedule?

Eve isn't really at all, which i guess is good in a way cause she's flexible, but at the same rate i worry that maybe she's not getting enough sleep during the day.
Monday she napped from 10:45am till 1:45. then only cat napped in the later afternoon (mostly after/during nursing).
Yesterday her last night feeding ended at 5:40am, so she slept until 10:15! she only then napped in the car so sporadic.

but overall she seems to take one good large nap in the late morning and that's it ok?

my boys seemed to have 2-3 distinctive naps by this stage.

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Brinley doesnt' really have a schedule either... she will sometimes take about an hour and half nap in mid morning and then again in the evening....but sometimes she will cluster them and nap about 3 hours total and that be it? sometimes she only cat naps during the day... I guess it depends on what their lil body needs that day Smile

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It seems that Mikayla has sort of a schedule. She will sleep for about 2 hours in the morning, from 9 to 11, then about 2.5 hours in the afternoon, from 1 to about 3:30. Then she will sometimes nap between 5 and 6 for 30 or 45 minutes, but that one isn't always regular. From 4pm to her last feeding at 8pm, there's about a 30 minute nap in there, but its usually between 5 and 6.

Unfortunately, all of these times are 100% of the time...they're more like 80-ish%

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Lio naps pretty much like Mikayla. Smile It varies about, but that's his general schedule too.

I wouldn't worry too much about Eve. My daughter never took consistent naps. Or slept consistenly. Yeah, maybe you ought to worry. Wink She's the one who wake up more at night than the baby, lol. I think it will all work itself out though.

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Isaiah's only set sleeping time is bedtime and he sleeps WONDERFULLY! (God must have wanted me to really appreciate it because He gave me 3 not so great sleepers first Lol ) He naps about 3 times a day, morning, afternoon-ish and evening, no set times, no set lengths and no set place.
Bedtime is 8pm, he is swaddled and goes in his crib. Today he slept until 7am, though most other nights he wakes once around 4-5am for a feeding. Seeing as my last two were up every 2-3 hours day/night until they were over a year old...I'll take one feeding a night Lol In fact, my almost 2 year old woke up before Isaiah this morning...despite going to bed at the exact same time.

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Em usually naps in the morning, afternoon, evening for anywhere from 30m to an hour. Sometimes more. At home usually more then daycare. At night she goes down about 7pm and sleeps til usually around 7 am or so with one feeding in there somewhere (usually when I wake to feed her bc I need to not bc she wakes n wants it, but if I dont wake her when I need to then it never fails she will wake like an hr later after I pump and I'm exhausted for the day).

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Lily does not nap too much. The sitter gets a 3 hour nap each day after her noon feeding but we do not get that from her at home. At night she sleeps from between 6 and 8 to midnight, gets up again at 3 and at 5 for the day.

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so jessica I hope it changes for you soon, that sucks. I feel you because my Lilly doesn't nap well either, I joke that she is the baby who doesn't sleep. I thot that babies were so posed to sleep all the time.

thank goodness that we have bed time down, but she still is up 2 or 3 times to nurse and then i end up falling asleep and waking up to put her back in bed. Up for good between 6 and 7 am.

I am trying really hard to get one good hour nap in with Lilly in the afternoon either 2 pm or 4 pm, but today was a no go, she only cat naps at the breast. I sometimes can get her to nap in her swing.
it sucks because i know when she is tired but she fights sleep, and gets really cranky.
I hope she out grows this soon.

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Chris, we have the same problem...she gets overtired and then I cannot get her to sleep at all. I have no clue how to get past this but I hope that it improves soon (for both our sakes).