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I just need to vent. It is 2 o'clock and Lio has just now fallen asleep for a nap. Naptime has become an absolutel sh!tfest over here! It's crazy. He will *only* nap if I am holding/wearing him. That's fine and dandy, and I love holding him, but it'd be nice to actually get things done while he and his sister slept. And he doesn't even fall asleep easily for nap. I don't get it.

He is a great sleeper at night. He's relatively easy to get down, he sleeps for 3-4 hours stretches at a time (compared to his sister, this is AWESOME!). I don't know why naps have to be so difficult. It's not like he doesn't *need* the sleep. Agh!

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Evie hardly naps. She doesn't transfer well, so if she falls asleep ON me, then there she naps. At home she naps in the swing most of the time. We are at the in-laws right now, but when we get back, I'm gonna try to work with her on napping in her crib.

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Naps are hit and miss here too. Sidney napped just over 2 hours this morning (YAY!!!!), then 30 min this afternoon. And today was a good day! Thursday she only took 2-30min naps all day, and was a total hot mess by suppertime. She falls asleep easiest if I'm wearing her, but she's heavy and hot and still wakes up 30 min later!

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Thursday.. three 15 minute naps several hours apart, last one being around 3pm. Then she fell asleep at 7:30 with me holding her and kept holding her so she didn't wake up and think it was just a nap. So when I decided that it WAS time for bed at 9pm (for me and the boys... we are in the same room at MIL's on vacation) just walking from the living room to the bedroom woke her up and she was not very easy to get back to sleep for the night. *sigh* We are going home Monday. Hopefully we'll do better there. Until we leave again (DH is talking about us going to the coast for the 4th and then we are back here at MIL's about the 8th).

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I don't have any great suggestions for you ladies. Routine, dark room, and white noise have been the only things that help us. We sit down to nurse or take a bottle in her room(or my room when she was in bed with us), I rock her a little, turn on her music. Once she's drowsy or asleep, I put her down. I also have to keep the other kids quiet (ha!) because she wants to be up doing things with them.
Hope you can figure something out!

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So this is gonna be a little "out there" for some of you. Warning, religion contents. (:lol:)

DH and I are Christian, but haven't been to church consistently for about 2 years. The last calendar year, we didn't even make it for the major church holidays. We belong to a very "spirit" led congregation and they have been known to speak in tongues and whatnot. DH and I have never been comfortable enough to participate and I often find myself trying to ignore such happenings and respect that it is for some people.

My mom has started leaning towards what she refers to as Messianic Christian. Meaning that she celebrates the Jewish roots of Christianity and has taken on a more Jewish faith, but still believes that Jesus is the Messiah.

Since our congregation is so laxed, I am familiar with anointing with oils and such, though our particular church has not done that publicly for a while (too many allergies and criticism).

That being said. I stepped up and asked my mom yesterday to come anoint my house and the baby's room. I've been gone for 2 weeks and have been the least stressed I've been in years. In the two weeks I was gone, I don't think I let a single cuss wors slip my mouth. Just hours after being home, DS#1 did something small and I let the F bomb out at him.

I have heard (and believe) that baby's are more sensitive to the spiritual realm and I know a woman who has a remarkable testimony of her son refusing to sleep in his crib in his room, and later in life refusing to even set foot in that room. When he was 5, she stepped out of her comfort zone and had the room anointed. She saw instant turn around and he slept ALL night in his OWN bed in his OWN room for the first time that very same evening and never looked back.

Anyway... I know it's probably far fetched for some of you (even a bit for myself at the mo). But I figured, what could it hurt? So my house will smell a little "hippie" for a day or two. I'm praying that God opens my faith and that this works. Wink

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I have a great night-time sleeper (thank God!) but Alex's naps are hit and miss, too. I feel this really has to do with the noise from siblings (I have three others!). He doesn't transfer well either. I think when all are back in school, he will nap much better now that he sleeps in his crib almost all night.

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Janelle, have you noticed any difference?

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Actually, yes. I meant to post an update on that. The first day (before my mom even showed up) Evie fell asleep in the car coming home from the store and I took her to her crib. She was awake when I put her in it and she just rolled over and went right to sleep! I couldn't believe it. Like God was rewarding my stepping out in faith already. My mom came over and anointed the house. She called out against irritations and anger and prayed a protection over the crib and other things. That first night I put Evie down for the night while she was still awake, and it took about 20 minutes before I could leave the crib's side. She insisted on playing with my hands. But she slept for 4 hours!! Then I nursed her in bed with me (the rocking chair is too uncomfortable for me) and then I put her back in her crib and she slept for 3 hours! The rest of the night wasn't as perfect cause I took her to bed to nurse and I fell back asleep with her and she stayed there til 7. :bwush:

She now takes her naps in the crib (though the length of the naps has not increased at all) and I have put the swing up for sale cause that's all I used it for anymore.

I look forward to the increase in sleep and whatnot. But, in two days, we are back down at MIL's for a week and I'm not sure how we will do, cause when I DO have her in bed with me she squirms to get away and into her own space. Lol

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This thread makes me feel better:) DD1 was an awesome sleeper (expect for right now since we just moved). But Alyeska fights me with all she has to take a nap and sometimes bedtime too. She will have her eyes closed but will not stop moving her arms and legs. Once I can get her to sleep she does pretty good but it's been tough. I'm hopeful that it's just a phase due to all the chaos over the past few months.

I wish all of our LO's would sleep great, but it's nice to know I'm not alone!

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We have used Save Our Sleep techniques for both DD1 and now DD2. It works really well for us. Of course naps are never perfect but I've had a much better time than any of my friends who have just winged it. We started early, which makes it easier, and I'm very careful not to mess it up by bringing her to bed with us.

One thing to mention is to be sure eating issues are not messing with sleep. We have to be sure that she eats enough at meals that she is not too hungry to take a good nap. Also, tummy pains make naps tough too, so beware of food sensitivities, we have trouble with that.