Natalie's 1st Birthday Party

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Natalie's 1st Birthday Party

Her party was a couple of weeks ago. She actually had two parties - family vs friends. This is the family party. The theme was ABC.

Cookies, including packaged ones for guests to take home...

Cakes, including the smash click...

Homemade graham crackers and alphabet gummies...

All the kids colored these letters, then removed the tape. Turned out cool.

I made these alphabet magnets. We played a game, then each kid got ones made for them that spelled out their names.

Presents, sister helped a lot.

Cake was a mess by the time she was done. Luckily, I'd planned ahead and made her two shirts for this reason.

We each had shirts with our initials. Also made them for the kids at party.

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cute!! great job - did you make the cakes? They turned out very neat. I love the magnets... very cool idea. I can't believe how long her hair is either...... Smile

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This is the cutest little party! It looks like everyone had fun!