Need some advice (OT).

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Need some advice (OT).

Ok, so DS is starting 5K next school year. His 4K teacher has pushed and pushed for us to put him in the partial immersion program (where half the day will be taught ONLY in spanish and half the day ONLY in english). She thinks Zach would do GREAT with this b/c 1. He needs more of a challenge. She said he has caught on sooo quickly in her class this year and she thinks he may get bored in 5K and that can lead to behavior problems. and 2. His language skills are awesome for a child his age and she thinks he'd flourish in the class. I know that he acts differently in her class than he does at home but I'm highly concerned that he is going to get super frustrated in this class when they are speaking only in a language he doesn't know. I'm also concerned it will be too much of a challenge and we will be setting him up to fail. Am I reading too much into this? I sorta feel like, when it comes to my child being under stress, I know him better than anybody but then again, he totally had me fooled with 4K, I thought I was gonna be up at the office everyday b/c he was going to throw tantrums and instead, he's done wonderfully! I also am concerned about him not doing as well as he can reading or speaking english if he's concentrating so much on speaking spanish. Does anybody else have experience with this program? Any advice at all? TIA!!!

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I think that program sounds aaaaamazing. But that's partly due to my DH being Hispanic and us teaching our DD both languages.

Obviously you know your son better than anyone else. Is it a program you could pull him out of if it seems to just be too overwhelming for him? He's really young, so he'll likely pick the language up quite quickly actually. It will be much easier for him then it would be for say, you (if you don't know Spanish). Children learn languages pretty quickly, and the younger the better. If the people who know him academically think who would be a good fit, I would seriously consider it if I were you.

What kind of school does your son go to where they have an awesome program like this?

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I have registured him already (I did it today), I'm just having second-thoughts on it. It is very difficult to get him out of it if I feel like it's overwhelming him-- you have to go before the school board to have your child taken out and they make the final decision. Another concern I have is how am I supposed to help him at home with stuff (homework, reading, etc.) if I don't speak Spanish? This is just our regular public school. All the public schools around here have immersion programs but each school's is different, i.e. french, chinese, etc.
here's some more info.

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That sounds so awesome!! I would love something like that around here!!

About helping him- Spanish (IMO) isnt too hard to learn, so I think you'd be able to follow along, and if anything- you could learn as well!! I would think they wouldnt make it too impossible for parents to be able to help them with their homework!

If it doesn't go so well and he doesnt do that great in it, can you switch him to a "regular" english only type class the next year?

I'm so jealous right now Smile

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I guess I'm the odd man out here, I don't know that I would like it.

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I agree...I can't imagine they'd throw him into any kind of crazy homework that you yourself couldn't learn. I definitely wouldn't mind our kids being bilingual - in fact, I want to be bilingual. I don't know what it is, but I've always wanted to know multiple languages. I don't know if having the WHOLE half of the class in entirely another language could be stressful (I can see how it could be), but in the end I think it would be good. But - like you said, you know your little guy so you would know. Its just too bad that they make it so difficult to switch.

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I would TOTALLY do it. I just talked to a friend who's son is in an immersion program and is learning Chinese (much "harder" than Spanish). He started it this year and he is 7. He never had any issues that you are worried about. From what I understand, just because the classes are taught in that language doesn't mean you need to know anything about the language. Kids at a young age learn two languages much easier than older kids or adults. I really don't think it can hurt to give it a try.

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thanks ladies! you've set my mind at ease. all we can do is try it and i'm sure that if there is just no way he is adjusting, they'll take him out but i think he'll do fine, too. i've been doing more research and they say kids his age catch on sooo quickly. they say by the time they leave elementary school, they are pretty fluent and if they keep it up through middle and high school, they are considered bilingual-- how awesome would it be if he could learn a third language while in college?! how awesome would that look on a resume?!