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I don't remember nesting much with dd, but I am now, no doubt about it.
dd and I put the crib together last night. dh tried to protest, I'll do it, you don't need to be doing that right now. I just told him I like doing things like this and it would make me happy, so he gave up. Didn't take us too long, it was pretty easy, and now its set up and all ready for baby.

dd discovered that its fun to be under the crib, so she hides under there.
Funny thing is that I only have 2 gender neutral crib sheets and one is flannel, don't know how that happened. Guess I will have to shop for more if we have a boy.
We also got the mobile put up this morning and the monitor, organized the dresser, changing table. I also filled our recycle bin, vacuumed...pretty much out of energy now, lol!
And here is a belly pic from today, just about 38 weeks

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Yeah, I never nested with DS either. Wish I would this time though. Not because my house is a mess, DH has been pretty good about helping out, but I really want to get some good deep cleaning done before he arrives.

And cute bump for sure!

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Thats a very cute bump you've got going! Love the crib as well! Smile

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Great belly!!! Smile

My nesting never really involved cleaning - it was always about preparing and organizing the nursery and clothes/blankets for baby before he came.
I still need to get the monitor and things up in the nursery.... lol

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I didn't really nest later in pregnancy as much as I always did early in pregnancy. Good job though! Smile And your bump is adorable!

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Very nice bump!
I think I was nesting a week or two ago, but now my energy level is dropping. Love the crib! Sounds like you're putting your energy to good use.