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New to this board...

I'm not new to but I am new to this board. I have been lurking here for a while because my baby is due in September, but I have a feeling I'll be delivering sometime in August (I hope). I have 2 girls already. Alexa is 3 years old and Tiana is 2. This little babe is a boy so we are really excited about that. Pregnancy has been going well except that they found that his kidneys are a little swollen and so I have been monitored every 2 weeks with ultrasounds to make sure that his kidneys are still functioning well, which they are... just still swollen. That's a little background on me. I hope i'm welcome to post here every now and again Smile

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Absolutely!! Welcome and hopefully your babe comes this month!!

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welcome, and as always feel free to post away:D

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Welcome!!! Good luck with your L&D whenever it comes!
Feel free to post any time!!

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Welcome! I hope for you that u get to go in august!!