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I am due August 2nd, which means i wasnt sure if i should write here or for july. I was 3 weeks early with my first daughter due to preeclampsia. granted who knows when this baby girl will arrive. I am 25 weeks today and very excited. Time seems to be flying by... I had a second ultra sound since the tech couldnt get all the measurements the first time, the tech was laughing at how active this baby is. My baby girl was kicking like crazy, lol. The second time she was moving her arms a lot but the tech was able to get the rest of the measurements they needed. well i just wanted to say hello. Smile

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Welcome! there are several of us that are borderline between 2 months. i am due Aug 31 and im on Aug and Sept boards! I look forward to getting to know more about you Smile

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I'm due Aug. 2nd as well! I was two weeks early with my son so, like you I assume it will be a July event, but you never can tell. Smile GLad your baby is movin and grovin!

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Congrats and welcome to Aug 11!

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Welcome to August and congrats on your baby girl!

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Welcome!! I am due only 3 days after you!! Hopefully this one stays in until she's done "cooking" Smile

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Welcome! My EDD is August 27th but I go back and forth between here and September Smile

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We are due the same day! Welcome!

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Thank you for all the warm welcomes. I am excited for this year, we have a lot of babies coming in my family. I have a niece who just had a baby in march, a cousin is due in may, im due august 2nd, plus another niece is due at the end of sept. my best friend just brought her little girl home from korea(a biological sibling for her little boy) and another friend due sept 4th. lol. these kids will have plenty of playmates. lol

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Welcome aboard! Glad you decided to join us! My EDD is August 9th. But with all of the complications I've been having there's a possibility that I may deliver in July. So I "lurk" around the July board as well. Congrats on having a healthy and active baby girl!:)

The ladies on this board are fabulous! Couldn't ask for any better!