Next month!

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Next month!



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hahahahah....that's right today is July 1.......where did June go????

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OMG I cant believe its come this fast!! And yet..i feel like ive got another eternity to go!! I am not necessarily tired of being pregnant, but i am just anxious for her to get here!! I want to meet her, and hold her and kiss so excited i could leap out of my chair!!! Smile

Cant wait!!!

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Lol. I love that I can say that. Even if by "next month" it's the very end of next month. But I still can't believe it's that close!

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Maybe people will quit telling me how long I have to go now......Woot!

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How exciting for all you ladies!!

I cannot wait to lurk the board next month hehe.


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Whoo hoo!!! I'm actually going to miss all the kicking going on!! It's gone by fast!

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I have to wait until the end of the hoo. Sad How I would love to be ready at the beginning of the month. I am so envious of you ladies with the early due dates.

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YAYYY!! I can't believe its so close already! It feels like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant! I start my weekly appts July 12th and I'm so anxious to see what they say and if any progress is being made. I'm SOOOO hoping that she decides to make her appearance this month Wink

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YAY! I have to say, baby will come when he is ready but I hope he comes at the end of THIS month! Smile

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I know!! I can't believe it! Some of you mommies won't make it to August.

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I sooo hope to make it till August!

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Biggrin So excited!

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I just know first week of August or last week of July, as soon as the man is back from San Diego comic con, I'm gonna start getting restless for the bobo!

4-5 more weeks will just FLY BY!!


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I am sooo not making it to next month. JULY is it for me.

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"isuche02" wrote:


I am sooo not making it to next month. JULY is it for me.

Yeah... I think its to be expected... but your doing a great job! Yahoo