Night in L/D :(

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Night in L/D :(

So last night DH and I went to a concert at the state fair with another couple. We had bought these tickets months ago and they were $140 so I decided to break my bedrest for the night. My mom watched DD and off we went. We had a great time, got home about midnight, and climbed into bed.

2am I woke up with terrible shakes and stomach pain. My first thought was food poisoning from the fair food. I got up to go to the bathroom and almost collapsed I was shaking so bad. I got back in bed and layed there awhile, then realizing it was waves of pain, which meant contractions. I made it 30 min before I woke DH. He took one look at me and said he wanted to call an ambulance. I kept telling him I wanted to wait and didn't need an ambulance, if it kept up we would call my mom and go to the hospital. Well it continued and my body just couldn't stop shaking, the pain very intense. We called my mom and when she got there we were off.

I was admitted into the hospital around 330am. I was checked and at 1cm and 50%, +2 station. They got me hooked up on monitors, determined I was indeed contracting, started an IV, and gave me some nubane for pain. They also did the group B and FFN again.

3 1/2 hours later I was still contracting every 4-5 min but my cervix was the same so they gave me some more pain meds and let me go home. Doc said that if anything got more intense or I had any kind of change to come right back. He said he felt like it would either get more painful and I'd be back in full labor or they would taper off for now and pick up again later.

We got home about 8am and I went right to bed from all the pain meds and slept on and off thru contractions until about 130pm.

I've still been contracting today, but they aren't as intense now. My stomach and lower back are really sore and I've been in bed all day and will be the rest of the wknd.

DH will be here with me sat and sun, my sister monday and DD will be in daycare thursday and friday. So that just leaves me Tuesday (I have a high risk doc appt this day and DH is taking 1/2 day) and wed. to deal with DD during the day alone. Once I hit next Monday I'll be 37 wks and won't care about fighting it off anymore.

Watch Ill make it to the 37wk mark then it'll all stop! At least the concert was good for my last time out before baby :rolleyes:

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Wow! What a night. My doctor told me if I went into labor after 35 weeks they wouldn't doo anything to stop it.
Hopefully you make it to 37 weeks!

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I am glad baby is still baking! I hope you can hit the magic 37 weeks. I am sure you are tired of all the contractions and will be ready to be done.

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Oh wow! That sounds like a crazy night. I'm glad you finally got some rest. I hope you can get a bit of a break from contractions until 37 weeks and then from there I hope it goes quick for you if thats what you want! Wink

I'm glad the night out was fun and enjoyable. Everyone needs that before baby comes!

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What a crazy night! I hope you can get some rest and baby bakes awhile longer!

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What a night
hope baby bakes a few weeks longer.
Get some rest
take care