Not disappointed anymore

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Not disappointed anymore

We had the 3D/4D ultrasound. We got to see our Lizzie bug. The DH even cried. Except the girl would not move her hands from her face. Plus, she kept sucking her thumb and we saw her little tongue. DH was amazed that she could do this. (Read the books, baby, read the books, lol).

She is looking great - her EDD is looking like 3 days ahead at 8/24 instead of 8/27. She is 2 lbs and 13 oz, thus far. I am completley in love. not that I wasn't before, but it just made it more real.

I feel better nowing that the next time I will "see" her is when we will be meeting face-to-face. So I am happy, relieved, excited that we got pictures and a video that I can look at whenever I want.

I didn't think it would be worth it to do this, but for me it was. Even the DH, who is a stickler for money was extremely happy we did this.

Anyway, endulge me as I show of my daughter Wink

Shooting Hoops

thumb sucker


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I am so glad you were able to go see your DD! I am so glad it was so meaningful to your DH as well.

When I was prego with DD went went to a private u/s place just to see her more often and in 3D (at the dr office we only get one u/s at 20 weeks for a singleton). It was very much worth the money to me.

Sorry I can't see your pics on my work computer, but I bet she is a cutie. Smile

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Very cute. Love the thumb sucker pic!

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Awww great pics! TFS!!
I'm glad your DH got to experience that - i think by this point (if they haven't already) the men start to realize baby is going to be here soon and it gets more real for them.

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Cute! Love the thumb sucking!

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So cute! Glad you go to see her!!

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So cute! they came out great!

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I'm totally stalking you for an u/s update. I love how perfect you can see her. She seems so peaceful and content in there. Smile

I was so happy that D said he was glad you guys did it. Although he didn't want to admit it at first because he didn't want Justin mad at him ROFL Regardless, I'm going with or without him!

I swear one of the shots looks like the beginnings of a Hook 'Em sign!