Nursery Progress

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Nursery Progress

This is our progress on our Nursery. Smile It used to be our undecorated office. It had white walls and funky green carpet.



We still have to paint the trim and closet doors that we removed white. Replace the ceiling fan, the old one is out of an 80's movie. But we really lucked out about the hardwood under the icky carpet. It doesn't match our new hardwood floors but its still in great condition at least, its the same in DS's room. Biggrin

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It is looking amazing! I always wonder what they were thinking covering up such gorgeous floors! Smile

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Very nice! I wish our hardwood floors looked that good when I had ripped up the carpet, no such luck though.

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Looks fantastic! And I agree, who would ever cover such a gorgeous hardwood floor?

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I like the wall color. That's awesome on the hardwood floors! They look great

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looking good! we have some remodeling to do.... I can't wait to start!

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That is coming along great! I love the color you went with! And YAY for the floors!

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Looking good. I like the wall color too. I bet it will be great when you are finished.

I don't know why there are so many hidden gems under carpet. Hardwood floors are great!

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Agreed! What beautiful floors!! Its going to be great!

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Looking good!