Nursery Progress

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Nursery Progress

So needing to blow off steam, I worked more on Ben's nursery. Still need to change out the ceiling fan, install closet doors ( that need to be spray painted sill), and get a few other things.. Other than that we are almost set. Biggrin





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Very cute! It looks like it is ready to go Smile

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It looks great! I'm kinda jealous b/c I wanted that crib set but didn't want to wait for it on to come off back order. Smile I really looks great! Smile

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Love it! Smile

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It looks so good!! Great job!

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Looks great! I like the mobile!

I'll have to get some pics of nursery after its done too. Right now its blue walls with furniture in pieces in the middle of the room ... lol

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I love the colors of everything! Very nice!

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Love it! Too cute!!

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I love the pirate theme! Super cute!