Nursing pillows

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Nursing pillows

Somehow I have misplaced my Boppy from DS which I'm not too upset about. If I remember correctly, I didn't use it a ton. I am plus size 18 and it was a little awkward. I ended up using just regular pillows mainly.

I'm considering getting another pillow. BRU has the Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow and the My Brest Friend Pillow. Anyone have any advice on these? Or should I forego them both and just use regular pillows like I did with DS??

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I had a boppy, worked ok and I will just use it again this time. But I have heard good things about the My Brest Friend Pillow, that it works better than the boppy does. The other one looks interesting too, looks like it would help prop the baby up higher and also would be easier to use in a chair because of the shape.

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I have a Boppy but really didn't like it or use it with DD1. Well I did when she was like 4 months and trying to sit up on her own! I like using regular smaller pillows because it seems easier to get them in the position that is needed for nursing. I've never tried the others though so one of them might work better.

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I preferred the My Brest Friend pillow to the Bobby because of the raised parts that helped DD stay latched (she had a difficult time in the early days). I also liked the back support.