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OB Appointment

I had an OB appt. on Monday. Everything looks great. BP is good, baby's HR was 130, my weight is up a total of 17 lbs according to them (more like 22lbs according to me). Wouldn't mind if the weight wasn't so high, but oh well. I gained 45+ lbs with DS and all but 5 lbs came off pretty quickly.
Anyway, I am still measuring around 3 weeks ahead so she is doing an U/S at my next appt. I'm not worried about it, but she (the OB) keeps asking if the baby seems bigger than my other two. I am really hoping this LO measures close to average because I don't want to have the "induction for large for gestational age" conversation later in the pregnancy. I am not sure how she feels about large babies. I've had two 8+ lbs babies, I've never been overdue, and if this one is bigger, I don't feel it's a big deal.
Thanks for reading if you got this far! Smile
29 week belly pic (in my pjs :)):

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I am getting the same thing here with the baby's size..... I will not deliver b/c they think I have a baby that's "too big"-- my only concern would be if baby wasn't growing properly. but glad the appointment went well! thanks for kup! Smile

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Sounds like a good appt and you get to see your LO again - that is always fun Smile

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Glad your appt went well and everything is looking great.

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Glad everything looks good!! My family has some big babies too! So do what you feel comfortable with ! Your pic is so cute!