ok, so it finally happened...

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ok, so it finally happened...

... i'm bored out of my mind!!! UGH! dunno how much more of this sitting home to escape the heat with all the kids and the hubs i can take! i want something to do!!!

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well try and do what I had to do....... I finally caved and went for a pedicure today! go and get some pampering girly. it was sooo worth it.

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I had my appt. this morning, went and saw my gma for a few minutes, and then had a prenatal massage hubby scheduled for my b-day present. It was nice, but holy cow it was hot!!!!!! 101 here today without the heat index!

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I had the same problem today. My lower back locked up, so I stayed here and worked on some graphic design/logos for my SIL and started designing our baby announcement. I also overposted on Facebook and Google+.

I thought about trying to make a taggie blanket, since I had all the stuff but kept on designing fro my SIL.

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We went to the pool yesterday and today just to kill time. The kids are crazy bored, so am I.
Hang in there- you'll be busy with a newborn soon! Smile

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Aww! I hear ya!
We went to the mall today - one of the malls has a indoor play place with stuff for toddlers to climb on. DS had fun. I avoided the outdoors today as it was stupidly hot out. It does make me stir crazy - I've been home the past few days so today was a good day to get out and about.

Beth is right - soon we will have newborns to occupy the days!!!

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Omg. Pedicures and massages and unbearable heat ... sigh. I feel like my days are full of pumping, changing, feeding, and pining for a nap. Will have to work n a pedi or massage somewhere! :). Those do sound like great ways to beat the heat!!

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OMG! I am so with you all. I am bored out of my mind. I feel there are things that I should be doing but I don't know what. It is supposed to be 104º so I don't want to go outside and the house is clean so I don't even have that to do. I would go shopping but that means going outside and spending $$ we don't have and buying things we don't need so instead I sit here bored (and driving DH and the pets crazy). I have been trying to read but I cannot get comfortable so that does not last long. The next 5 weeks are going to be crazy slow at this rate.

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DS is going stir crazy in the house. It's well over 100 here as well and I just do not want to get out in the heat. DS keeps wanting to go outside and play in the sprinkler or do stuff like that but he can't go outside by himself and I just can't handle being out there in the heat.

I would like to start deep cleaning the house but I just don't have the energy. Plus any form of bending hurts.