OMG, 23 weeks almost...YIKES!

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OMG, 23 weeks almost...YIKES!

Anyone else feeling a sudden rush of "holy crap, booboo's almost here?!?!?! ARGH!!!!!"

I definitely have a belly now, it's weighing out my front and hurting my mid-back and ribs, have to carry the load when turning in bed...AND got a date set for the baby shower!!

It'll be summer before we know it.


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Im almost 21 weeks and i HEAR YA!!

My belly feels SO heavy in the last few days, rolling over in bed is torture! just stretching my back makes my uterus sore! I am feeling LO alot today though! YAY! and i have my shower date set too!! June 11th!

So excited for warm weather!!

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I can't believe how fast its going. I figured out that I have 15 weeks left. So much to do, baby will be here before I know it!
I ended up changing the date of my shower, moving it up 3 weeks, too many things going on for everyone. Now I have even less time to get things ready and SIL and I have are having no luck coming up with a theme.

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Yep, I get uncomfortable in bed with the belly now too. My feet are gone, unless I lean forward, and "down there" is definitely long gone out of sight. lol
The only part I really dislike is the fact that its harder and harder each week to cuddle DS, and hes uncomfortable and I'm sore after rocking him sometimes, so thats a little heartbreaking for me. But I make do, b/c I want my cuddle time!!! Wink

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Oh gosh...yep. I have to pick my belly up and move it to the side lol...

OT - a friend of ours sent us a book she wrote on Anorexia, called Inside Anorexia...and after we receive it today DH jokes that it should be called "Inside the Hindenburg" in this house! Sad

Meanie. No dinner for him.

But otherwise, just think 15 weeks we more or less found out there was a bean and in another 15 weeks, bobo is more or less here!

Baby Shower set for July 16th - which is DH's birthday! So think there'll be an all-day celebration of sorts - my baby shower during the day and his birthday after dark when the adults can play Biggrin

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"But otherwise, just think 15 weeks AGO we more or less found out there..."


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I know its all going by so fast! Everyone told me that around this time can be the "boring" time of pregnancy, but i dont see how thats possible! So much to do, and i still get excited every time i feel her move! On a side note, i think she is FINALLY starting to move up out of my hips!! Thank goodness!!

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yes time is flying, i m 23 weeks today, I have noticed so many changes. I keep wanting to post my belly pic's but I keep forgetting. We need a belly thread, then maybe I will get on it. lol. things are about to get even more crazy around here as we are having our new floors put in. I have lots of random pacing and organizing to do. :eek: I was promised new floors before baby shower. Which is set for june i think the weekend of fathers day.

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I am definately feeling that right now. I'm 25 weeks now and I'm thinking, I have about 15 weeks to go IF baby is on time!!! Whoa.