Only one appointment left!

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Only one appointment left!

I had my second to last appointment today. Things are going good, right on track with size and all that. Dr thinks that this baby will be bigger than dd was (she was 7lb 5oz) and I am thinking that too, even though I have gained less weight this time around. So I have my pre-op appointment next week and if I am still pregnant on the 3rd we will be having a baby Smile A positive thing about having a scheduled c-section is that I don't have to get checked out physically, one less uncomfortable thing, lol! 15 more days, there is an end in sight, thank goodness.

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WOW....only 1 more appointment. that's totally awesome.
Glad you had a good appointment too.

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Isn’t it exciting and scary at the same time?

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Yay for an end to appts! How exciting!

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So close now!

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I'm jealous!! But how exciting! I'm totally with you on the no checks. Doctor doesn't do checks if you're a scheduled c-section.

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Wow!!! Its so close! Smile Glad it went well.

I have 4 more appts booked - one tomorrow, one the 28th, one on the 2nd (my Due date according to u/s) and one on the 8th as a "just in case" one... lol ... we'll see how many I end up making it to!

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So exciting!! Its so close now! 15 days is nothing!